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Excellence and professionalism

    Each piece of wood is unique, has its own knots, cracks and different colurs. This part of his beautiful which accompany people for centurie , gives heat and soothes stress.We have started as just a husband & wife team, bringing our wide range of skills and passions together with a ecliptic range of hand made wooden items. We always love new ideas
    All projects are made individually,manually.For decorating and finishing we use natural material

The Process

   My projects are made of seasoned hardwood min five years dried in the open air.It's time for the wood to stop working and not crack anymore.

   The wood prepared in this way is processed in a lathe.If it turns out that the core is not dry inside I stop making the project and then dry it in the chamber to obtain the correct moisture content of the wood.

  The project returns to the lathe for further work and is finalized.

After finishing and sanding the project, I take it home for 5 weeks for further drying,because only at home is the right temperature and humidity for people and the surrounding objects.

  After this time I can be sure that the tree is dry and stable.

  At this stage I can finally finish the project, which is very important.

Protects wood against the effects of the atmosphere and gives visual beauty.


  All my works can be personalized to order.The text is burnt out by a laser burner.

In addition, you can individually order wrapping as a gift

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